Question about DNS-Tap integration

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Mon May 16 07:45:56 PDT 2022

> My question is about whether are you planning to introduce the DNS-Tap
> over TCP/IP to some version of the OpenWRT Router firmware. It's the emerging
> technology which might be very useful in the future.

you probably should direct these questions to the upstream DNSmasq project.

> You might try to have a look to the link [1] and evaluate but having the
> option to set DNS-Tap sender to some IP address and port using OpenWRT
> configuration interface (LuCI) would be a pretty nice thing.

LuCI integration will only happen once there is a base system facility in place.

> Are you planning to add such a support?

I don't think there's any specific plans. If at all, it might become available
by an update on OpenWrt once it is integrated by upstream DNSmasq.


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