Installing OpenWRt on the ZBT WG3526

Enrico Mioso at
Fri May 6 02:30:29 PDT 2022


In the next days i will install OpenWRt on a new ZBT WG3526 device. I used one in the past, but don't remember how the initial installation had to be performed.
Furthermore, at that time I had "sighed" assistance - that I might not have today.

My questions are:
1) What's the best course of action to switch from stock OpenWrt-based firmware to OpenWrt?
Should I use sysupgrade with -F -n or is another procedure recommended? Of course, before I would take backup of flash.
2) If I should use bootloader to do this, may someone help me out extracting a curl command that would upload the firmware?
Or is the bootloader working with lynx for upload? I know this is pretty much a matter of luck, and things can change in case-by-case basis.

Thanks a lot,

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