Seeking RPM Server package for OpenWrt

Paul Spooren mail at
Wed Mar 23 06:02:37 PDT 2022

> On 23. Mar 2022, at 12:57, Rich Brown <richb.hanover at> wrote:
> Bjørn,
> Thanks for these comments.
>> On Mar 23, 2022, at 8:34 AM, Bjørn Mork <bjorn at> wrote:
>> There is no need to read anything from a file or device.  You can just
>> serve the same memory buffer in a loop.

Thanks, I’ll check that in case I work on a server for OpenWrt.

> That might satisfy Paul Spooren's concern.
>> I did a quick look at the document and it seems under-specified.  Page
>> after page with blah-blah, but
>> - not defining Content-Type for any of the URLs

I guess it simply don’t matter, just like the content itself? In their demo setups they host either a single `x` (small file) or 4G times `x` (large file).

>> - not defining ciphers or any other TLS options, despite the rather
>> restrictive TLSv1.3 requirment
>> - no config examples for common web servers

>> - no actual client algorithm

I found this implementation but din’t skim through the full code yet:

>> The last point is obviously the biggest problem.  You can do whatever
>> you want when implementng this, so the results from different clients
>> will not be comparable at all.
>> IMHO it's better let this soak for a while until they've reversed the
>> blah-blah to content ratio.  This doesn't look like a finished protocol.
> Although I took an editorial pass over an earlier version of the RFC, I'm not in a position to address your questions. 
> Let me propose this process for continuing the conversation. With this response, I'm cc'ing:
> - openwrt-devel
> - RPM mailing list
> - named individuals
> Not everyone is subscribed to both lists, but cc'ing everyone who responds should keep everyone included.
> Thank you.
> Rich

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