Seeking RPM Server package for OpenWrt

Rich Brown richb.hanover at
Wed Mar 23 04:28:07 PDT 2022

The Apple "RPM Tool" is great for measuring network responsiveness.

High numbers from the tool (measured in round-trips per minute - or "RPM") show your network is responsive, even when it's heavily loaded with traffic. This also implies you have low "bufferbloat" - which is good.

There are several RPM clients available:

* `/usr/bin/networkQuality` on macOS Monterey
* an iOS 15 version described at
* a golang implementation at
* a Docker implementation in the same repository

BUT... These all test against servers "out on the internet". There's another interesting test to be had: testing against the local router. 

This is useful because it would help test the responsiveness of the Wi-Fi network/drivers of your router. It would allow you to measure whether in fact, you actually are too far from the router, and whether moving closer would help. 

My request... Is anyone interested in creating an OpenWrt package that implements an RPM server? 

Fundamentally, an RPM server is an HTTPS server that responds to the four URLs described on Page 12 of the Responsiveness spec at:


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