[PATCH] x86/c3000: Add Intel SoC C3000 series

Stijn Segers foss at volatilesystems.org
Fri Jun 24 03:54:31 PDT 2022


"Lu, JialeX" <jialex.lu at intel.com> schreef op 24 juni 2022 12:11:40 CEST:
>Hi Rui,
>  1.	X64 is too broad to cover all platform varieties.
>2.	Intel C3000 is a Network SoC, with integration of QAT (QuickAssist engine for crypto & compression) and NICs in addition to x86. More expandability with richer I/O. 
>3.	At device level, C3000 h/w design and ODM/OEM ecosystem are different from generic x86 platform like Core and Celeron. 
>4.	C3000 support team is fully committed to enable technology innovation around OpenWRT ecosystem.

That sounds awesome. Does this full commitment mean Intel will be contributing resources, or donating to compensate for the added maintenance burden?

Asking for a friend.



>5.           We want to keep some C3000 features on the subtarget. Some X86 openwrt is  Soft-routing. We don't want our changes to affect these Soft-routing. 
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>Hi, jialelux,
>On Fri, 24 Jun 2022 at 09:50, <jialex.lu at intel.com> wrote:
>> +SUBTARGETS:=generic legacy geode 64 c3000
>The Atom C3000 is a x86-64 CPU. What makes it so special as to require a dedicated subtarget?
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