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Sun Jan 9 09:37:54 PST 2022

Hi Hauke,

On 1/9/22 17:55, Hauke Mehrtens wrote:
> The criteria from gnu.org are irrelevant to me and I agree with Rosen and Bjørn on that topic.
> I would prefer a vote like this, this is just an example not the official vote:
> -----------------
> Migrate bug reporting from bugs.openwrt.org to github. Make bugs.openwrt.org read only like dev.openwrt.org. Do not migrate the bug reports, people can create new bugs on github, like copy the content to manually.
> Do you agree to this plan?
> Yes
> No
> -----------------

In addition to that: There is (at least in my opinion) no downside to
using GitHub actions as an additional CI for PRs (Think of SoB, checkpatch).

This would reduce feedback cycles while being not controversial (packages uses the
same model, nobody loses anything over that).


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