Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Sun Jan 9 08:55:01 PST 2022

On 1/7/22 10:34, Paul Spooren wrote:
> Hi all,
> Back at the Hamburg meeting in 2019 and a succeeding vote we decided to migrate over to a self-hosted GitLab instance. Some years passed and nothing really happened so I’d like to give this another go.
> None of the OpenWrt project members is willing to setup and maintain a GitLab instance and there were multiple vetos again gitlab.com.
> Our current bug tracker at bugs.openwrt.org is used by a minority of users (and devs), all community repositories (LuCI, packages, …) use GitHub for issue tracking. Instead of maintaining flyspray and the server, I’d like to export all flyspray issues, migrate them to GitHub and open GitHub issues for openwrt/openwrt to the public. A static or read-only version of flyspray could be hosted for the near future.
> Secondly I’d like to give the CI of the main repository another go. Our CI to build Docker images is currently on gitlab.com, I’d migrate that over to GitHub. Also I’d suggest to add similar CI checks as added to the packages (and routing and video and LuCI) repository. We could compile targets and tooling, check checksums etc, even build snapshots to lower the resource usage of our Buildbot infrastructure.
> During a recent _poll_ in #openwrt-adm multiple members liked the idea, however before doing or voting on anything, I’d like to ask for more comments.
> Thanks for all feedback,
> Paul


I like the idea to migrate to github.

I think there are multiple aspects.
1) Migrate bugs.openwrt.org to github.
2) migrate the main source repository to github
3) Use the github CI.

I would prefer if we use all of this from github in the future, but lets 
start with bugs.openwrt.org first.

Pros for bugs.openwrt.org on github:
1. It is a cloud server we do not have to maintain
2. It is free, we do not have to pay for it, beg for money or sponsoring
3. It allows nice liking between issues, pull requests and commits
4. A lot of our community is already there and used to it.
5. It supports some automation.

Cons for bugs.openwrt.org on github
1. It is run by MS. I do not think we would have to pay for the basic 
features in the future, MS wants to make money from their big cooperate 
2. US export laws. Access from North Korea, Crimea and Syria to github 
is blocked, Cuba and Iran have some sort of exception. Probably no one 
will care if we ignore such laws on openwrt.org.
3. Users have to create a account at github / MS.

It is possible to export the issues on github. I am not really worried 
about government take downs, as we do not do much which insults 
government leaders like content about Winnie the Pooh. DMCA or GDPR take 
downs are probably much more likely for us.

If we use a small service hosted by someone else we are also more or 
less depended on them if they want to continue this service and user 
also need an account there. We should reduce the services we maintain 
our self, we also need people doing the actual maintenance work.

The criteria from gnu.org are irrelevant to me and I agree with Rosen 
and Bjørn on that topic.

I would prefer a vote like this, this is just an example not the 
official vote:
Migrate bug reporting from bugs.openwrt.org to github. Make 
bugs.openwrt.org read only like dev.openwrt.org. Do not migrate the bug 
reports, people can create new bugs on github, like copy the content to 
Do you agree to this plan?


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