IP-PBX users?

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Fri Jan 7 06:49:23 PST 2022

On Wed, 5 Jan 2022 17:09:19 -0700
Philip Prindeville <philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com> wrote:

> Anyone have documentation on getting started?
> Or strong arguments to use Freeswitch over Asterisk or vice versa?

My personal impression is that the mature Asterisk is good at combining
POTS with VoIP, with very limited support for video, whereas the rather
new FreeSwitch focuses on VoIP, has some ambitions towards video
conferencing (Big Blue Button prefers it, FWIW), and seems to have
limited support for POTS.

Around 2019 I had to switch from Asterisk to FreeSwitch because Deutsche
Telekom is rather picky about their DNS setup; you must use their SRV
records, otherwise phone service will fail in an obscure way,
occasionally. Only FreeSwitch was able to do the proper DNS SRV lookup.
I also found that it handles the forced DSL disconnects very gracefully.

FreeSwitch is being quite actively developed, and documentation (mostly
the wiki) lags behind, more or less, so RTFS was inevitable back then.


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