ath79: mikrotik mac issue

Roger Pueyo Centelles rogerpueyo at
Sun Apr 18 18:00:08 BST 2021


Sorry, no clue. I am getting MAC addresses correctly assigned on a
MikroTik RB922UAGS-5HPacD running OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r16574-f7e00d81bc.

As expected, random MAC addresses appear for both eth0 and eth1 on a
fresh boot after flashing with "sysupgrade -v -n. At around ~40 seconds
uptime, the network is activated with the correct MAC addresses enabled
(same as in /etc/config/network):

eth1: /sys/firmware/mikrotik/hard_config/mac_base
eth0: /sys/firmware/mikrotik/hard_config/mac_base+1
wlan0: /sys/firmware/mikrotik/hard_config/mac_base+2

The behaviour is correct on rebooting or reflashing.


El 16/4/21 a les 17:04, Koen Vandeputte ha escrit:
> Hi all,
> I found another interesting issue testing on a rb922
> The board gets a random mac on each boot.
> This is normal and should be automatically corrected by 02_network
> afterwards when hard_config is available, but it seems it's not
> getting applied correctly.
> Debugging the 02_network script shows that the actual value is
> properly fetched from hard_config, but it's not getting applied for
> some reason ..
> /etc/board.json shows the correct ones, but the interfaces still carry
> the random MAC.
> Judging by the flow in the script, I guess this issue will be present
> on all ath79 Mikrotik targets.
> Anyone got a clue?
> Regards,
> Koen

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