OpenWrt 21.02-rc1

Ilya Lipnitskiy ilya.lipnitskiy at
Wed Apr 7 00:32:54 BST 2021

Hi Hauke,

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 3:43 PM Hauke Mehrtens <hauke at> wrote:
> Hi,
> How do we want to go forward with OpenWrt 21.02-rc1?
> * I think the base system is ok.
> * The http (original wolfssl) problem reported by jow is fixed
> * LuCI in the 21.02 branch still misses DSA support, this was merged
> into master some time ago as far as I understood.
> Jow reported this end of March:
>  > I found some serious regressions in the luci device config support.
>  > not sure yet how long it'll take to sort out. The netifd uci config
>  > grew so complex that it'll take a while to try all cases
>  > * changing interface settings after previously enabling certain
>  >   options results in a brick
>  > * wireless networks with custom ifnames are improperly bridged
>  > * option ipv6 for ppp based protocols is broken because it clashes
>  >   with option ipv6 in device sections
> I would like to merge this update of iproute2 if Russel is fine with it,
> but I do not see this blocking 21.02-rc1:
> If there are some other bugs in the 21.02 branch which are fixed in
> master, we can backport the fixed as long as they are not so big. If
> there is something missing, just ask on the mainling list.
Can we get a decision on the in-tree WireGuard migration PR?


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