OpenWrt 21.02-rc1

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at
Tue Apr 6 23:29:34 BST 2021


How do we want to go forward with OpenWrt 21.02-rc1?

* I think the base system is ok.
* The http (original wolfssl) problem reported by jow is fixed
* LuCI in the 21.02 branch still misses DSA support, this was merged 
into master some time ago as far as I understood.

Jow reported this end of March:
 > I found some serious regressions in the luci device config support.
 > not sure yet how long it'll take to sort out. The netifd uci config
 > grew so complex that it'll take a while to try all cases
 > * changing interface settings after previously enabling certain
 >   options results in a brick
 > * wireless networks with custom ifnames are improperly bridged
 > * option ipv6 for ppp based protocols is broken because it clashes
 >   with option ipv6 in device sections

I would like to merge this update of iproute2 if Russel is fine with it, 
but I do not see this blocking 21.02-rc1:

If there are some other bugs in the 21.02 branch which are fixed in 
master, we can backport the fixed as long as they are not so big. If 
there is something missing, just ask on the mainling list.

In would like to get 21.02-rc1 soon, so more users start testing it and 
we get more bug reports.

How should we continue?
1. Tag 21.02-rc1 and do the release in the next days with the current

2. Merge the LuCI DSA changes from master to 21.02 branch now and do
    21.02-rc1 ~3 days to see if some big problems come up.

3. Wait till the problems reported by jow are fixed and do the 21.02-rc1

4. Wait an other 2 weeks and see how it looks them.

I would prefer if we merge the LuCI DSA changes from master to 21.02 
branch now and do 21.02-rc1 soon. We should list the problems as known 

It would be nice if someone else could also look into these problems and 
propose fixes.


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