[OpenWrt-Devel] Experimental "release goals" for 19.07.4

Vincent Wiemann vincent.wiemann at ironai.com
Sun May 24 08:18:54 EDT 2020

On 23.05.20 21:34, Michael Jones wrote:
> On Sat, May 23, 2020, 13:01 Baptiste Jonglez <baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org <mailto:baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org>> wrote: 
>     If the initial concept looks good, we can think about automating some of it:
>     tag bug reports on Flyspray/Github/Gitlab as blocking for a specific
>     release, use "milestones", automatically find commits that satisfy a goal, etc.
> I find it very confusing that there are so many different places for bugs to live and be tracked.
> What's going on with gitlab? Is that going to be the source of truth for OpenWRT? Or will we always have 3 different bug trackers?

The outcome of the discussions was quite clear. Gitlab will likely become the "source of truth" mirroring/merging everything as you said.
You can still create issues on Github/Flyspray and you'll find all of them on Gitlab.
But that still needs a lot of work. It would be great if you could participate in the evaluation process if you are familiar with Gitlab.

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