[OpenWrt-Devel] Repository for release or snapshot build configuration?

Lars Kruse lists at sumpfralle.de
Sun Mar 22 08:21:34 EDT 2020


I am one of the developers of an OpenWrt-derived firmware (for a Freifunk
community - "Opennet Initiative"). We are building images and packages for a
small set of devices.
But sometimes we stumble upon differences between our build setup and the one
used by OpenWrt for its release (or snapshot) builds. This raises the desire to
known how OpenWrt is building its release.

I assume, that there is a set of build configuration snippets that are used for
building the different targets. Or maybe it is combined with the buildbot setup?

For now I was looking for this information in the following places:
* https://openwrt.org/releases
* https://openwrt.org/infrastructure
* https://github.com/openwrt
But for now I failed :(

Any pointers are appreciated!


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