[OpenWrt-Devel] ramips: adding support for TRENDnet DIR-810DR

Heppler, J. Scott shep971 at centurylink.net
Sat Mar 7 16:23:34 EST 2020

I'm looking for some clarification on a prior patch:

I'm generating a new snapshot build and have the following questions:

1)  My prior patch was criticized for a lack of
mt7620/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds entry.  I was basing my build on
the D-Link DIR-810L which seems to have the same Cameo manufactured
board.  The D-Link lacks any entries in 01_leds.  Is this an oversight
that I, and DIR-810L entry will need to correct?  Or is it just not

2)  I think it would be possible for both the DIR-810L and TEW-810DR to
have factory.bin.  Presently, a factory image is needed for initial
installation and is produced using Cameo
cameo/ncc/hostTools/ncc_att_hwid tool.  This tool is difficult to use as
it requires 32bit libs and full paths to implement.  Essentially the
following string needs to be appended to the sysupgrade image:
"	TEW-810DR1.1RWW1.01.13B04   )‹ÊW9"
The DIR-810L should work the same way.  Can you point to any project
firmware tools to append the string to a sysupgrade.bin?

3) MAC address.  My preliminary build does read the mtd-eeprom for the
factory MAC.  The 1st 3 couplets specify Trendnet.  The later 3 are
random and do not match the factory firmware.  My OpenWRT TEW-732BR has
the Vendor part of the MAC and not the model.  This is also replicated
on the existing DIR-810L MAC.  Does this need to be alter and if so it
appears it needs to be done in the D-Link.

4)  Planet LED.  Both the D-Link and the Trendnet have 2 lenses:  Power
and Planet.  Behind each lense, sit green/orange leds.  The D-Link does
not have any *.dts green:planet entries.  I think both need some
additional entires.  I have 4 gpio pins that are not referenced:
gpio 10, 11, 14 or 15.  The Power Lense seems to work fine,  blinking
orange while booting, steady green on success.  On my TEW-732BR, the
Planet LED is steady green with quiet connection and blinking green with
wireless/nic port data flow. Code from

ucidef_set_led_netdev "wan" "WAN" "trendnet:green:planet" "eth0"

The DIR-810L and TEW-810DR I think should signal the same information as
the TEW-732BR.


J. Scott Heppler

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