Simplified LuCI interface project: dashboard, quick setup, configuration

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at
Fri Jun 26 08:47:01 EDT 2020


The student project of Biyun and Zhao has just finished.

The goal was to develop a simplified web interface for OpenWrt, integrated
in LuCI and complementary to the current LuCI interface.

Feedback on the results of the project is welcome, preferably in the pull
requests (see below).  Zhao and Biyun are still available for a few weeks
to improve the code and the interface, so that it can hopefully be
integrated in LuCI.  It was one of the goals of the project, so it would
be good to accomplish it.

Demo video: or

Project report:

Github pull requests to integrate the modules in LuCI:
- dashboard:
- quick setup:
- configuration:

Wiki pages with screenshots:
- dashboard:
- quick setup:
- static leases:
- port forwards:

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