[OpenWrt-Devel] Problems with e-mail DMARC policy, and other usability issues

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu Jun 11 07:55:09 EDT 2020


> ... does it though?  I know it does traditionally, but... is that really
> the only way?  IFF you keep this, then yeah, sure, all the other
> justifications are fine, but it's clearly not working well.

in the past we did rewrite the sender to the list mail address and (iirc)
added the original sender as Reply-To. While this generally works, it also
mangles patches in a sense that the patch author is set to the mailing list
address, which is generally not wanted.

Nowadays it is probably not that critical since we have a hooks and checks in
place to reject pushes with commits where Author != S-o-b and scripts [1] to
rewrite the author based on the first S-o-b. It will add a bit of work for the
maintainer though.

> If the purpose of the mailing list is for automated processes to handle
> patches from specially formatted mails, then..... is it really the best
> tool? (hahahaaaa.... oh, I made myself sad)

Inspired by the op's mail I took a look if patchwork could theoretically
handle patches as attachments, but it appears not to be the case, at least
judging from what I've seen in the configuration.

Personally, I'm not married to patchwork, any system that grabs patches out of
a mailing list and puts them in some kind of database is fine. I have no idea
though how complex hosting a Gerrit instance (and keeping it operational and
updated over a number of years) is.


1: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=maintainer-tools.git;a=blob;f=sob2from.sh

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