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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

stored in a separate MTD partition ("art"), but seems to either be
built-into the driver on the stock firmware or a file on filesystem
(which I didn't bother looking for as it would anyway be very hard
to extract it when migrating from the stock firmware...)
I'm not sure about that, as it's all years ago and I no longer
carry the hardware or firmware dumps with me...

I got Wifi working by using EEPROM from another board with similar
ath9k wifi chip, however, this is not a clean and/or redistributable
solution to the problem :(

> I'm a Linux user and this isn't my primary router, so please feel free
> to direct me towards compile instructions and pass any .diffs you might
> need me to test out.

The board is very similar to

So your best bet is to see how things are done there.
As by now there are many other devices based on the same SoC which
also got ath9k and are reported to work, you chances are quite good
to get things working.
I also remember that U-Boot lacked proper support for the NAND back
then which left booting via TFTP as the only practical option to
load stuff back then.
This also seems to be fixed in uboot-lantiq by know...

I'd be interested to know the results and are happy to assist you
as good as I can if needed.


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