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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

with legacy distributions, right?

I'm currently trying two other directions:
f2fs seems to be the appropriate replacement for jffs2 on MMC,
as it can work nicely as an overlayfs on top of squashfs, it's
light-weight and specificly designed for black-box-FTL devices.

However, fstools currently lacks support for block devices and
as identifying block devices requires libblkid(-tiny), we'll
probably end-up with two build variants of libfstools, one with
and one without support for block devices... (John: what do you

btrfs on the other hand also has sufficiently good support for
flash drives and also got built-in support for snapshots and
raid, but that might as well be overkill.
However, it does provide all the needed features to become the
single solution for all block-device based setups.

No matter if squashfs+f2fs or btrfs will be used, I believe that
rootfs-overlay, snapshot and failsafe-mode are key features of
OpenWrt. Designing new targets in a way which relies on a single
read-write mounted rootfs feels like taking the wrong turn to me.
Having that option is nice, just like having a single JFFS2 or
UBIFS r/w rootfs. With eMMC being more and more common, it'd be sad
if it remains the only choice...


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