[RFC PATCH v2 0/1] Introduce UCI support for configuring DSA VLAN filter rules

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu Jul 23 08:17:49 EDT 2020


> 1. Have VLAN devices on top of vlan-enabled bridges to define hotplug
> ops where applicable, so LAN could be a plain VLAN interface switch0.1
> instead of its own bridge.
> 2. With these wrapper hotplug ops, a default VLAN would be passed as
> well, unless overwritten by other VLAN settings (see below)
> 3. In addition to option network, allow specifying option network-vlan
> in the wifi-iface section and have it contain a list of VLANs +
> modifiers (tagged/PVID).

I am a little bit torn. While the simplification of the config is nice, I
don't like how "option network" acts completely different compared to when the
target interface does not happen to be a (vlan enabled) bridge. People might
assume that merely specifying "option network" somehow creates a bridge.

What about spelling out the dependency explicitly? Instead of overloading the
meaning of "option network", add an "option bridge" instead which reuses the
existing vlan notation followed by a vlan id spec as defined by the "option
ports" notation for bridge devices, e.g.

  option bridge switch0  (default vlan 1 untagged)


  option bridge switch0
  option vlan 1:u*  # equivalent to just switch0


  option bridge switch0
  option vlan 20:t

The advantage would also be, that is is completely clear that we're not
inheriting any layer 3 ip settings but that we make the wifi netdev act as
bridge port. It is also somewhat aligned with native hostapd configuration.


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