[PATCH 1/1] tools -> firmware-utils -> Add Linksys E8350 firmware header generator for native openwrt WEB factory image

mail at adrianschmutzler.de mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Mon Jul 20 06:04:32 EDT 2020

> - My opinion is that the current approach for specific firmware utils is lacking of scalability. All custom fw tools are in the same directory, what if they become 1000 or more?

I don't see how scalability will be better if every piece of non-specific code is copied in _again_ for every new device. This will just make it easy for the submitter, but will create a maintenance nightmare.
We are not a collection of GPL sources.

If that code is meant for several devices like the different strings and model selection in the content tell of, and can be used that way - implement it that way.

If you are really sure that this will only be required for that particular single device - throw out all the other crap.


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