[OpenWrt-Devel] Migration in ath79 for swapped ethernet

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Wed Jan 29 09:03:09 EST 2020


> (I should first say that I don't know enough about the ar71xx-ath79 migration to know if this idea will work, but I don't recall seeing it mentioned before.)
> What if we add a migration package for 18.06 that ar71xx users can opt-in and install, which (when the user initiates the process) will migrate their config and perform an upgrade to 19.07 (ath79)? Their config would > be broken for 18.06 after the first step, but if the sysupgrade completes successfully then their config works for 19.07 after the reboot. (Would be nice if there is a way to roll back the config changes if the sysupgrade fails.)
> This is perhaps a variation of the transition image idea from Peter Geis, but this would be less intrusive to the overall upgrade process (at least for me).

I like that idea in general, because it will spare us from determining whether the system needs to be updated (we will outsource that to the user for this particular case). Disadvantages are obviously that the user has to be (made) aware of that solution, so it's still not a "seamless" upgrade. And we still would have to prepare a suitable upgrade script, which we do not have at all ATM (though this might make it easier to write one).



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