[OpenWrt-Devel] jffs2 runs into read-only on low memory systems (5 eblocks)

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Wed Feb 12 07:20:35 EST 2020

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> Subject: [OpenWrt-Devel] jffs2 runs into read-only on low memory systems (5
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> Hi David,
> I'm currently working with low flash system (4MB flash / jffs2: 320 kb,
> 5 erase blocks).
> Some of the systems seems to run into read-only mode, while most
> work fine. I've around ~50 devices which is less than 5 %. My devices
> runs 4.14 and ar71xx devices.

I'm used to that with OpenWrt-derived Freifunk firmware (non-Gluon), based on
4.9/ar71xx and 4.14/ar71xx.
Same low probability, though I have no numbers.

I have once tried to find a system in when the read-only occurs and when it
doesn't, but I failed.



> I would guess the garbage collector triggers to late, when the last free
> block has been allocated and moves itself into this situation.
> Are there any tools to debug this? Are there any tests tools available?
> I've dumps of the broken flash.
> Any thoughts how to debug it further?
> Best,
> lynxis
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