[OpenWrt-Devel] mptcp in openwrt

jens lede at viisauksena.de
Mon Feb 10 07:06:39 EST 2020


we use openwrt very conveniently in our gateway machine. And there we
have multiple uplinks to the Internet. We can use MultiWan3 - but for
some other cases we would prefer to aggregate Capacity - and therefore
want to use Multipath TCP. (We have some Internet Servers which we want
to use as our gateways, because there we have static v4 subnets. )

This is similar to what mobile-providers use for seamingless mobile
Network/ wifi transitions. I was in the believe that many "routers" have
some kind of DSL and some have extra LTE Uplink. Would be awesome to use
it both. And this not only as a fallback strategy.
I would agree that most usecases dont have an "endpoint" to reach

tldr: actually we have fibre connection, a vDSL connection, an
Wifi-LongRange connection we want to combine. (in total something around
1600 Mbit down and 800 up )


On 05.02.20 10:20, Alberto Bursi wrote:
> On 05/02/20 08:51, André Valentin wrote:
>> mptcp is only for the devices intiating and terminating the
>> connection. All routers in between (maybe OpenWRT) do not care about
>> this.
>> The only way you could use mptcp on a router is with a proxy service
>> running on it, which will do the mptcp stuff.
> But OpenWrt isn't used just for routers and wifi access points now.
> There are a bunch of services you can run on OpenWrt devices,
> and you can get very powerful devices or even run it on normal PC/server
> hardware.
> So it makes sense to ask about multipath even if it's not relevant for a
> router or wifi AP.
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