Fate of 4.14 targets / samsung odroid HC1 support

Andre Valentin avalentin at marcant.net
Tue Aug 4 11:47:47 EDT 2020


I've enabled support for the odoid HC1 in the samsung target a month ago, it only needs generic 5.4 kernel and is a subtarget.
Only open thing is the boodloader on the sdcard, which is a binary for hardkernel.

If there is interest I could send a patch.

Otherwise I would keep it private.

Kind regards,


Am 04.08.20 um 16:43 schrieb mail at adrianschmutzler.de:
> Hi together,
> with bcm47xx/bcm53xx bumped to 5.4 now (thanks!), we are left we the following targets that (most likely) won't be moved to 5.4 anymore:
> 4.19: cns3xxx
> 4.14: ar71xx, at91, ath25, pistachio, rb532, samsung, uml
> Now, where 20.xx comes closer, I wonder whether we should remove the 4.14 targets _before_ branching.
> Those are already two LTS kernel versions behind, the probability that somebody will bump them to an even newer kernel after 20.xx is quite small.
> Despite, if we drop them before the branch, we only have to drop them once. :-)
> After having reminded about the situation of the named targets several times, I don't think anything will change if we wait any longer with this step.
> The only remaining targets with 4.14 support would be ramips and arc770 then.
> Thoughts/opinions?
> Best
> Adrian
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