Fate of 4.14 targets

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Tue Aug 4 10:43:21 EDT 2020

Hi together,

with bcm47xx/bcm53xx bumped to 5.4 now (thanks!), we are left we the following targets that (most likely) won't be moved to 5.4 anymore:

4.19: cns3xxx
4.14: ar71xx, at91, ath25, pistachio, rb532, samsung, uml

Now, where 20.xx comes closer, I wonder whether we should remove the 4.14 targets _before_ branching.
Those are already two LTS kernel versions behind, the probability that somebody will bump them to an even newer kernel after 20.xx is quite small.
Despite, if we drop them before the branch, we only have to drop them once. :-)
After having reminded about the situation of the named targets several times, I don't think anything will change if we wait any longer with this step.

The only remaining targets with 4.14 support would be ramips and arc770 then.



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