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with a 20.xx branch coming closer, we still have 3 of 6 ramips subtargets (rt288x, rt305x, rt3883) on kernel 4.14 by default (though 5.4 testing support is available in principle).

I've recently tried to build those with 5.4 and buildbot settings (including packages), they all compile nicely (4M devices have already been disabled) out-of-the-box.

However, I don't have any devices for these platforms, and I have not followed the ramips 5.4 transitions closely enough to know which problems might appear on the devices.

At the moment, we have the following number of supported devices (i.e. > 4M):
rt288x: 1 device
rt305x: 57 devices
rt3883: 10 devices

So, any input on the situation on those platform and/or on-device testing would be quite helpful.

Otherwise, we would have to drop these subtargets for 20.xx release.


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