[OpenWrt-Devel] Missing default CONFIG_ symbols for 5.4?

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Tue Apr 21 01:15:19 EDT 2020

I’m trying to build x86/64 on master, and I’m getting the following prompts:

Verify kernel signature during kexec_file_load() syscall (KEXEC_SIG) [N/y/?] (NEW)

Netfilter nf_tables support (NF_TABLES) [M/n/y/?] m
  Netfilter nf_tables set infrastructure (NF_TABLES_SET) [M/n/?] m
  Netfilter nf_tables mixed IPv4/IPv6 tables support (NF_TABLES_INET) [N/y/?] (NEW) 

IPv4 nf_tables support (NF_TABLES_IPV4) [N/y/?] (NEW) 

IPv6 nf_tables support (NF_TABLES_IPV6) [N/y/?] (NEW) 

Detect Hung Tasks (DETECT_HUNG_TASK) [Y/n/?] y
  Default timeout for hung task detection (in seconds) (DEFAULT_HUNG_TASK_TIMEOUT) [120] (NEW) 
  Panic (Reboot) On Hung Tasks (BOOTPARAM_HUNG_TASK_PANIC) [N/y/?] (NEW) 

Can someone please update the values for target/linux/generic/config-5.4?



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