[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] mvebu/cortexa9: use Linksys codename as PROFILE

Tomasz Maciej Nowak tomek_n at o2.pl
Wed Apr 1 08:32:49 EDT 2020

W dniu 01.04.2020 o 14:15, Piotr Dymacz pisze:
> Hi Tomasz, Paul,
> On 01.04.2020 14:03, Tomasz Maciej Nowak wrote:
>> W dniu 01.04.2020 o 08:55, Piotr Dymacz pisze:
>>> Hi Paul,
>>> On 01.04.2020 01:20, Paul Spooren wrote:
>>>> The PROFILE names of mvebu/cortexa9/Linksys devices are based on the
>>>> consumer names (like linksys_wrt1200ac) instead of the vendor codenames
>>>> (like linksys_caiman) which are however used in the rest of the build
>>>> system (plathform.sh, bootcount, 01_leds).
>>>> A running device is not able to know the profile used for its firmware
>>>> creation as `/tmp/sysinfo/board_name` points to the device tree
>>>> identifier (equal to Linksys codename) and `/tmp/sysinfo/model` is not
>>>> deterministically *convertible* to the PROFILE name.
>>>> The introduction of ALT titles (4ee3cf2b5a) allows to store consumer
>>>> names and make them available in the `menuconfig` so the profile name is
>>>> transparent to regular users.
>>>> This patch changes the mvebu/cortexa9/Linksys PROFILES to use the device
>>>> tree identifier aka Linksys codename as PROFILE name and uses the
>>>> consumer name as ALT title.
>>> What about firmware filenames? Wouldn't this change confuse people searching for firmware files by device model name?
>>> Your change switch this from 'manufacturer_model' approach to 'manufacturer_manufacturer-codename'. Does Linksys ever mention that codenames on their website, in marketing materials, etc.?
>> +1, not even on the device itself there's mention about these code names,
>> and that's why from me that's a NAK.
> How about patching device's DTSes and include 'manufacturer,model' there instead (in front of the existing ones)? Scripts in 'basic-files' would also need to be fixed but this way we save this (in my opinion) misuse of 'DEVICE_ALT*'.

Yes, that would be the easiest solution, not introducing cryptic image file names.

> I'm also not sure how many devices are affected here, only Linksys?

Only Linksys and rather unpopular MACCHIATObin (I don't mention Marvell's dev boards as these are scarce).
Don't know about other targets.


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