[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] mvebu/cortexa9: use Linksys codename as PROFILE

Piotr Dymacz pepe2k at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 08:15:36 EDT 2020

Hi Tomasz, Paul,

On 01.04.2020 14:03, Tomasz Maciej Nowak wrote:
> W dniu 01.04.2020 o 08:55, Piotr Dymacz pisze:
>> Hi Paul,
>> On 01.04.2020 01:20, Paul Spooren wrote:
>>> The PROFILE names of mvebu/cortexa9/Linksys devices are based on the
>>> consumer names (like linksys_wrt1200ac) instead of the vendor codenames
>>> (like linksys_caiman) which are however used in the rest of the build
>>> system (plathform.sh, bootcount, 01_leds).
>>> A running device is not able to know the profile used for its firmware
>>> creation as `/tmp/sysinfo/board_name` points to the device tree
>>> identifier (equal to Linksys codename) and `/tmp/sysinfo/model` is not
>>> deterministically *convertible* to the PROFILE name.
>>> The introduction of ALT titles (4ee3cf2b5a) allows to store consumer
>>> names and make them available in the `menuconfig` so the profile name is
>>> transparent to regular users.
>>> This patch changes the mvebu/cortexa9/Linksys PROFILES to use the device
>>> tree identifier aka Linksys codename as PROFILE name and uses the
>>> consumer name as ALT title.
>> What about firmware filenames? Wouldn't this change confuse people searching for firmware files by device model name?
>> Your change switch this from 'manufacturer_model' approach to 'manufacturer_manufacturer-codename'. Does Linksys ever mention that codenames on their website, in marketing materials, etc.?
> +1, not even on the device itself there's mention about these code names,
> and that's why from me that's a NAK.

How about patching device's DTSes and include 'manufacturer,model' there 
instead (in front of the existing ones)? Scripts in 'basic-files' would 
also need to be fixed but this way we save this (in my opinion) misuse 

I'm also not sure how many devices are affected here, only Linksys?


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