[OpenWrt-Devel] ath10k TPC reg. domain incorrect?

Sam Samy to.swami1 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 16:58:00 EDT 2019

 I installed master branch openwrt onto Asus MAP-AC2200 AP. It has tri
band. Its based on IPQ4019 DK04 QCA reference platform. 2 radios
(2Ghz/5Ghz) on AHB bus and one 5GHZ on PCIe bus. Its generally working
fine except one problem in 5Ghz. On both the 5Ghz radios the RSSI is
pretty low on any 5Ghz channel I put it in.  In one feet range I see -60dB
RSSI, where as the stock firmware that came with the AP gives an RSSI
of -36dB at one foot distance.The downstream transmit rates are MCS8/9
for most part. The 2Ghz is working fine. Both radios seem to use the
cal data from
the flash that came with the AP.

After some discussion with ath10k firmware folks and looking at TPC
dump I noticed some differences in TPC between the Asus stock image
and openwrt image:

Here is the snippet from stock firmware:

TPC Config for channel 5765 mode 10
CTL           = 0x10   Reg. Domain           = 20
Antenna Gain  =  0     Reg. Max Antenna Gain = 12
Power Limit   = 63     Reg. Max Power        = 60
Num tx chains =  2    Num  Supported Rates  = 109
**************** CDD  POWER TABLE ****************

Where as in openwrt it is:

TPC config for channel 5765 mode 10
CTL        =  0x10 Reg. Domain        = 58
Antenna Gain    =  0 Reg. Max Antenna Gain    =   0
Power Limit    = 60 Reg. Max Power        = 30
Num tx chains    =  2 Num supported rates    = 109

So looks like reg domain is different even though both are set to US
(Although I didnt set anything on stock firmware. The countrycode from
iwpriv get_countrycode says its 841.)

Also, the antenna gain seems different between stock and openwrt firmware..

How to change the reg. domain like in stock firmware in openwrt
although I set the country code to US in the uci.

root at OpenWrt:/sys# uci show | grep country
root at OpenWrt:/sys#

Thanks for your help!

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