[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] sysupgrade-tar: board_name in Image Generation vs. Run Time

Jeff Kletsky lede at allycomm.com
Mon May 13 13:01:52 EDT 2019


What would be a workable plan to reconcile mfgr_specific-board-name
at image-generation time with mfgr,specific-board-name at run time?

With the apparent tree-wide changes in progress to canonicalize board
naming of TARGET_DEVICES to mfgr_specific-board-name, there becomes a
disconnect between the board name at image generation and run time.

This results in a "disconnect" between what is used in the tar file as
the directory name and CONTROL contents by `scripts/sysupgrade-tar.sh`

     mkdir -p "${tmpdir}/sysupgrade-${board}"
     echo "BOARD=${board}" > "${tmpdir}/sysupgrade-${board}/CONTROL"
     [ -z "${rootfs}" ] || cp "${rootfs}" "${tmpdir}/sysupgrade-${board}/root"
     [ -z "${kernel}" ] || cp "${kernel}" "${tmpdir}/sysupgrade-${board}/kernel"

where ${board} is, for example, `glinet_gl-ar750s-nand`

and what is checked (or should be checked) by nand_do_platform_check()
in `package/base-files/files/lib/upgrade/nand.sh`

     tar xf $tar_file sysupgrade-$board_name/CONTROL

where $(board_name) returns the comma-delimited form, `glinet,gl-ar750s-nand`
(The contents of CONTROL are not checked at this time, but would suffer
from the same mismatch issues.)

The metadata commonly attached to the sysupgrade bundle often uses
the run-time, comma-delimited form in "supported_devices", yet the
build-time, underscore-delimited form in "board".

At this time, there appear to be very few boards that actually call
nand_do_platform_check(). Many still have board names that don't
appear to be what I believe is canonical:

   * layerscape
   * pistachio
   * imx6
   * ar71xx

While most either explicitly set the board name in the call or have
comma-less board names, `sysupgrade-img,pistachio-marduk` makes a
global, `tr ',' '_'` an unacceptable work-around.

I can see a few paths forward on this, but don't have the project
history and insight to properly evaluate them.

Of the options out there that I've considered, transitioning
scripts/sysupgrade-tar to use the run-time, comma-delimited form that
is returned by $(board_name) seems the cleanest, at least to me.

I can work around this for now with a device-specific workaround, but
it seems to be something that should be considered going forward,
perhaps before v19 is "cut" to reduce future upgrade issues.


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