[OpenWrt-Devel] Special features request!

SkullFace skullface101 at disroot.org
Wed Jul 17 21:13:58 EDT 2019


I would like to ask openwrt team to add some special features that i need.

I will use crowd funding to collect the money!

1-I need full control over Lantiq xDsl firmware using both GUI and CLI.

2-I want to override Line Config enforced by DSLAM/DLM, [SNR, Power, 
Interleaving, G.INP, BitSwap, Vectoring, Rate Adaptation....etc].

3-more advanced, stable and configurable VPN clients/Servers, Proxy 
Client/Servers, Obfuscating Proxy clients/Servers.

4-Advanced Luci Addons for CLI only packages.

5-Stable per user bandwidth monitor and limiter.

6-Per user speed limit/propriety.

7-Support for other unsupported  xDsl Chips

8-Support for the wide spead ISP routers.

So i wanted to publish a Patreon page to cover the costs, however i cant 
complete and publish the page without knowing the money required to 
finish these tasks and/or hire more programmers to help finish the tasks 

How much money is required to accomplish the tasks 1-3?! and how much 
time is needed?


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