[OpenWrt-Devel] ath9k: fix dynack in IBSS mode

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Mon Feb 25 04:31:02 EST 2019

On 24.02.19 21:32, Joe Ayers wrote:
> First of all, thanks for contributing this fix.   I've incorporated
> into the http://www.arednmesh.org project, just getting into our
> nightly builds now.   A comment and a couple questions...
> The MAX_DELAY was way too short for our community, had to increase
> that significantly.  We commonly have long distance links over 50km.
> One of our common scenarios is a P2MP -- tower or cell site with
> multiple clients. We're using adhoc mode with OLSR.   I see the ack_to
> calculation is based on the furthest station.  What happens when the
> furthest station is quiet for long periods of time, nothing but
> beacons and olsr 'broadcast' traffic.   In this case, there wouldn't
> be any acks received back?  Would it drop out of the ack_to
> calculation, until user data is active?  Thus, distance would tune to
> a shorter distance for another STA with user data being transferred?
> What is the behavior in this scenario?
> I made a small change so that '0' in /etc/config/wireless distance
> setting ended up being auto for ath9k.  Did I miss an upstream patch
> to incorporate?
> Regards,
> Joe AE6XE

Hi Lorenzo,

Ensuring that Joe gets the best possible answer, could you please reply 
on above comments/questions?

Highly appreciated,


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