[OpenWrt-Devel] ath9k: fix dynack in IBSS mode

Joe Ayers joe at ayerscasa.com
Sun Feb 24 15:32:41 EST 2019

First of all, thanks for contributing this fix.   I've incorporated
into the http://www.arednmesh.org project, just getting into our
nightly builds now.   A comment and a couple questions...

The MAX_DELAY was way too short for our community, had to increase
that significantly.  We commonly have long distance links over 50km.

One of our common scenarios is a P2MP -- tower or cell site with
multiple clients. We're using adhoc mode with OLSR.   I see the ack_to
calculation is based on the furthest station.  What happens when the
furthest station is quiet for long periods of time, nothing but
beacons and olsr 'broadcast' traffic.   In this case, there wouldn't
be any acks received back?  Would it drop out of the ack_to
calculation, until user data is active?  Thus, distance would tune to
a shorter distance for another STA with user data being transferred?
What is the behavior in this scenario?

I made a small change so that '0' in /etc/config/wireless distance
setting ended up being auto for ath9k.  Did I miss an upstream patch
to incorporate?


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