[OpenWrt-Devel] SDK enhancement proposal - add external toolchains via feeds

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Tue Apr 23 03:41:58 EDT 2019

Hello Mirko,

I am not a member of OpenWrt but this are my hints.

>  To start this process, we have collected a small number of core
> features that we would propose to add to the OpenWrt build system. Our
> goal with these patches is to remove the need for companies to develop
> external scripts used to manipulate the build configuration of
> OpenWrt. We will present the use cases and our proposed way to
> implement these in a series of emails.
>  If and when there is agreement on the proposal and implementation
> approach, we will develop the feature and submit a patch for approval.
> We are aware that this might take time and are prepared for several
> iterations.

Do not ask if this would be a good improvement.
Just do it and make a traceable pullrequest with the changes.
If the community likes this then it will get merged.

>  The first use case we would like to present is the ability to add
> external toolchains in a feed.

Why not include the toolchain for new archs or changes to existing into 
OpenWrt Upstream?
This has a lot of advantages, which hopefully are all well known.


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