[OpenWrt-Devel] SDK enhancement proposal - add external toolchains via feeds

Mirko Lindner mirko.lindner at prplfoundation.org
Wed Apr 17 12:48:52 EDT 2019

Hi OpenWrt developers,

The prpl Foundation and its members would like to open a new chapter in the collaboration between the two projects.

One of the most important aspects is to ensure that any development prpl does is in-line with OpenWrt expectations, guidelines, and architectural standards.

To start this process, we have collected a small number of core features that we would propose to add to the OpenWrt build system. Our goal with these patches is to remove the need for companies to develop external scripts used to manipulate the build configuration of OpenWrt. We will present the use cases and our proposed way to implement these in a series of emails.

If and when there is agreement on the proposal and implementation approach, we will develop the feature and submit a patch for approval. We are aware that this might take time and are prepared for several iterations.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the above.

The first use case we would like to present is the ability to add external toolchains in a feed.

Problem statement

To support new chipsets, it is sometimes necessary to work with vendor-specific toolchains. Until now, the process to add these toolchains to the build environment is a manual one. This leads companies to create their own automation scripts, creating a parallel SDK.

Proposed solution

We propose to extend the build system to enable the addition of external toolchains via feeds.


This would remove the need for anyone to perform any manual steps or maintain their own script. Enabling their addition through feeds would streamline the way these toolchains are to be added and make removing them later in the development cycle almost transparent and therefore a lot less difficult.

Implementation proposal

We propose to extend the scripts/feeds script and other parts of the build system to detect external toolchains in feeds and adds them accordingly.

Next steps

If there is support for the idea by the community, member companies of prpl start development and will propose a series of patches to this mailing list.

Looking forward to your feedback.



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