[OpenWrt-Devel] Enabling CircleCI for packages repo

Ted Hess owrt at kitschensync.net
Sun Oct 28 17:39:57 EDT 2018

>> Etienne - AFAICT, I have enabled CircleCI on 10/25 for openwrt/packages repo. It looks like github is posting PRs to CircleCI but
>> nothing is happening. The POST response says DENY without any reason. Does CircleCI also need organization access to 
>> lede-project?
>> The deploy key is registered, but hasn't been used.
>> Is the docker image reference correct?
>> There must be some"may I" thing missing that allows CircleCI to access our repository?
>I've started experimenting months ago so maybe I changed some of the
>defaults settings and I don't remember
>can you have a look at:
>GitHub Status updates: on
>Free and Open Source: on
>Build forked pull requests: off --> on
>Pass secrets to builds from forked pull requests: off
>Only build pull requests: off --> on
>Auto-cancel redundant builds: off -> on
>Enable build processing (preview): on --> off

OK - I changed some settings to match what you have (as noted above). Waiting to see what happens now.


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