[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC 0/9] Using the mainline mtk-eth-soc driver for MT7621

René van Dorst opensource at vdorst.com
Thu Oct 18 09:50:14 EDT 2018

Quoting Bjørn Mork <bjorn at mork.no>:

> I'm afraid this is way over my head.  My understanding of the MT7621 SoC
> and the different hardware configurations is limited.  IIUC there are
> basically two ways to connect the 2nd CPU GMAC:
>  1) by RGMII to something outside the SoC
>  2) to a port on the SoC internal switch, similar to the 1st GMAC

You have even more options. I think these are the most common.
  a) GMAC2 disabled; P5 -> RGMII (external phy)
  b) GMAC2 -> switch P5 -> switch P0/P4
  c) GMAC2 -> RGMII (external phy)

  a) In my code this is working. With this option you can get 1G HNAT  
between wan and lan.
  b) is great to support. P0 or P4 = wan port of the device. With this option
you can get 2G HNAT wire-speed.
  c) is great for me and other users which uses the external phy as wan port.
RGMII = wan port of the device. With this option you also can get 2G HNAT

> What I have been able to get working is 1).  I have not experimented
> with 2).  But I guess that is what you want, since the SFP is connected
> to the switch on the ER-X-SFP?

Did you get any data on your network?

On ER-X-SFP sfp port is connected like: SFP port -> SGMII -> external  
phy (at8035) -> RGMII -> MT7621 RGMII2

In my case 2nd GMAC did work in linux but no real data comes in or out  
the device.
Probably of some hardware setting that I have missed.

> This is probably related to the magic register settings I had to disable
> to get my device working.  I assume the real fix is to make the driver
> DTRT based on the DTS.

I think option a is for now the best option to get supported in openwrt.
This works for both of us. John was busy to refactor my code to get it  
Because of lack of time it is still not done.

Next step could be enabling the 2nd GMAC and try to implement the  
option above.

> Not sure I have the correct picture of the MT7621 though. Either I am
> stupid or this is explained confusingly in the docs I've seen...  A
> little of both probably.

Lack of the offical and compleet documents and time are for me the main
issue it is still not working.

> Bjørn

BTW. Do you have some more info about WAP6805? Not many hits on Google.



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