[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: Add support for Ubiquity

Joe Ayers joe at ayerscasa.com
Sat Nov 17 09:11:11 EST 2018

> >> For example, Nanostation is basically a Bullet with extra ethernet port, and
> >> Rocket is a Bullet with added USB port.
> > Ah, thanks for explanation.
> You're welcome
> >
> >> It'd be great if support for all of them could be included in
> >> ar9342_ubnt_xw.dtsi, and then secondary ethernet and USB only enabled in
> >> respective .dts files. It'd be even better if someone on the list had a
> >> Rocket M XW to test, as it is the fullest variant.
> > Hm, so maybe I should move definition of mdio and eth0 from
> > ar9342_ubnt_bullet-m-xw.dts to ar9342_ubnt_xw.dtsi as well?  But this could be
> > done later once someone with Nanostation XW shows up and can confirm, that it
> > actually works.
> Yes please :)

I have a NanoStation M5 XW (and can get access to a NS M2 XW).    I
can test. What's the reference to build and test?

> >> if I haven't overlooked it, the patch does not provide a "factory" Image as
> >> in ar71xx, at least according to "Flashing instructions".
> > if I parse this correctly, then my answer is, that I simply didn't included
> > instructions for flashing of factory image as it wasn't possible at that time,
> > because `fwupdate.real` utility in airOS v6+ (I'm not 100% sure about this),
> > doesn't allow flashing of unsigned factory images, so you simply couldn't
> > flash other factory images then those from Ubiquity.
> >

The signature restriction for Ubiquiti is enforced in the AirOS UI.
The bootloader does not check for signatures.   We routinely tftp
images to all the newer UBNT devices based on, including
latest models for NanoStation M2 XW. http://www.arednmesh.org

> >   XW.v6.1.7# fwupdate.real -m /tmp/openwrt-ath79-generic-ubnt_bullet-m2hp-squashfs-factory.bin  -d
> >   ...
> >   Current: XW.ar934x.v6.1.7.32555.180523.1754
> >   New ver: XW.ar934x.v6.0.4-OpenWrt-r8452+9-e95e9fc
> >   Versions: New(393220) 6.0.4, Required(393220) 6.0.4
> >   ...
> >   Bad Image Structure
> >   Signature check failed
> >

The current bootloader version in AirOS is checking the version
string.   I don't know exactly the check, but if using the format
above of "Current", then tftp works.  It doesn't work with the string

> Wasn't this possible with downgrading to AirOS 5 first just as it is
> done for XM series?
> Please take a look for instructions for them, on XM the procedure is
> quite easy.

These newer models didn't exist when AirOS 5 was released, like the
NanoStation M2 XW.  The AirOS 5 firmware won't install, at least we
never found a way for it to work, but didn't need to as we directly
tftp to the latest AirOS versions.

Note, the NS M2 XW has a 8035 PHY and works with the rocket-m-xw image
in   It didn't work with the loco-m-xw image, did't
recognize PHY.

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