[OpenWrt-Devel] package source download site / 0 byte files at one mirror / buildbot failing

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at iki.fi
Fri Nov 16 11:49:34 EST 2018

I have noticed lately a problem in buildbot faillogs: some packages fail due 
to invalid source archive at the central source download repo.




File format not recognized

When trying to look for the reasons, I have noticed that 
https://sources.lede-project.org/ contains some 0 byte files, which 
apparently leads into buildbot downloading that 0 byte file and then failing 
to recognise it. Somehow the download logic then stops. As the file was 
downloaded from a source site, there is no need to git re-clone, or anything 
like that.


linux-firmware-2018-08-03-7b5835fd.tar.xz          26-Sep-2018 
16:50            72060824
linux-firmware-2018-10-18-d8775336.tar.xz          20-Oct-2018 
15:11                   0

The interesting part is that refreshing the page in browser now (a few 
minutes later) gives me:

linux-firmware-2018-08-03-7b5835fd.tar.xz          26-Sep-2018 
16:34            72060824
linux-firmware-2018-10-18-d8775336.tar.xz          20-Oct-2018 
15:39            75250388

So, the timestamps of both files changed and the missing file is complete at 
this mirror(?).

Are there several mirrored hosts at the address, and just one of them 
contains the 0 byte files?

I fixed manually last week the webui-aria2 Makefile by bumping version in 
Makefile, and now it builds ok, but there is likely some generic underlying 
reason for the 0 byte files on some of the source mirrors.

Ps. the same site contained several 0 byte .dl and .hash interrupted 
downloads that might be cleaned away.

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