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Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 15:57:43 EST 2018

Totally agree with Luiz. That was the idea behind this proposal and you 
managed to even easier words.

Alberto, the tiny subtarget you mentioned doesn't really seem to run 
well or stably for 18.06 on many of these devices regardless the flash 
size, that's the main point.
As mentioned there are many new devices still coming with 32MB of RAM 
and which can take benefit of OpenWrt for various reasons and usages.

I think for many of us here are completely fine to put some extra cash 
and buy a newer hardware to cope with OpenWrt evolution but the reality 
is that majority of people are not. Another example I wanted to put to 
illustrate is an ISP that has thousands of existing devices with similar 
specs running, being still able to keep using OpenWrt more securely 
while they start to introduce newer hardware to their customer base 
allowing to make a more smooth transition to these more powerful hardware.


On 12/11/2018 18:20, Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca wrote:
> Hello,
> There are a significant amount of devices out there that has 4/32
> specs. Even brand new ones.
> If there is stability issues with newer OpenWrt versions on those
> devices, we should rethink LEDE EOL.
> Maintenance burden is directly related to the amount of software to
> maintain. At the same time, low specs means they might have no
> interest in most packages.
> Maybe 15.05 life could be extend with a lower cost by limiting
> maintenance to a subset of packages (core? even less?). We could
> release LEDE 15.05.(x+1) LTS with feeds configured to use only that
> subset of packages. We could also limit the images to those low spec
> models.
> EOL is not really a big deal until it requires a new HW. Routers are
> things that die hard, even after a decade. It just doesn't seem right
> to turn old working hw into electronic waste because of software.
> Keeping old stuff running is even on of the reasons to use OSS.
> Regards,
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