[OpenWrt-Devel] [hostapd] AP+STA mode support in Upstream Hostapd

murugana at codeaurora.org murugana at codeaurora.org
Wed May 30 01:41:11 EDT 2018

Hi OpenWRT team,

This is Sathishkumar working for ath10k WLAN driver and came across below
OpenWRT hostapd/wpa_s patches which are added for supporting AP+STA mode in
OpenWRT supported platforms.


Since these patches are not present in upstream hostapd, we see that during
channel switch of root AP,  STA VAP of AP+STA mode device goes down since AP
VAP is still UP. 

Above patches uses hostapd ctrl_iface to send STOP_AP and UPDATE commands
from wpa_s for seamless channel change of AP VAP whenever there is channel
switch on root AP side.

We couldn’t find the commit message and author for these patches to check if
these patches can be upstreamed. Do you have any plan for upstreaming these
patches needed for AP+STA mode support ?

Some patches have SVN reference which we are not sure how to check for
knowing commit message and author. Can you please help here ? 

Our intention is to try upstreaming these patches either by checking with
the author/s of patches or do ourselves if we at least know the commit
message and author details.


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