[OpenWrt-Devel] 18.06 Bug: Baby Jumbo Frames on mt7621

Jaap Buurman jaapbuurman at gmail.com
Fri May 25 07:14:07 EDT 2018

On Fri, May 25, 2018 at 12:43 PM, Mathias Kresin <dev at kresin.me> wrote:
> 2018-05-25 12:48 GMT+03:00 Jaap Buurman <jaapbuurman at gmail.com>:
>> Dear Martin, Mathias and the rest,
>> Please scratch my previous message. It seems like the flash was not
>> successful, and hence I was still running the old firmware. However, I
>> have tried flashing 3 different times now, without any luck. The
>> router ends up rebooting and boots right into the old firmware. This
>> seems to be a major bug. Is there anything I can do to help debug this
>> particular issue?
> First of all, Martin is right. The commit in my staging tree should
> fix the MTU issue but I don't have the hardware to test it on my own.
> So far you never mentioned which board you have. Hence it's quite
> difficult to have a look at the code about what could be wrong. It
> would be helpful if you can name the last working revision to limit
> the number of commits to look at.
>> Seems like a dealbreaker for 18.06 (which I am
>> running now) to me. I could simply use recovery and flash a firmware
>> like that, but I would prefer to get to the bottom of this issue so
>> that end users won't end up stuck on a particular firmware. Any ideas
>> what I could do to debug this?
> Your best bet is to attach the/a serial console and check the console
> for errors.
> Mathias

My apologies for leaving out important details. I am using a Dir-860L
B1. I used to be running Lede 17.01.4, until last Tuesday. At that day
I upgraded to OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r6917-8948a78 via Luci. Flashing
any other firmware seems to be broken now: I have tried flashing a
build compiled from your staging tree, I've tried reverting back to
17.01.4 and I've tried reflashing 18.06. All end up in the exact same
spot: Still on the OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT r6917-8948a78 with all
manually installed packages still present. I've tried flashing via
Luci and via the sysupgrade command (with the -v switch for more
verbosity), but no useful information there. The last line that is
output is simply:

Commencing upgrade. All shell sessions will be closed now.

One particular weird thing that I do remember on this build, is the
fact that I tried to update all upgradable packages via OPKG (I know
this is discouraged). One of those packages was "base-files". The
upgrade failed with a weird error (can't remember what exactly), but
nothing seemed wrong at that time, so I didn't really think much about
it. Is there anyone more knowledgeable than me that knows whether this
could influence the sysupgrade functionality?

Lastly, I do not have a serial cable unfortunately, so I think
debugging will be difficult for me. I could use recovery to reflash a
fresh 18.06 build, and see if upgrade functionality is still broken in
that case. I will report back with my findings.

Yours sincerely,

Jaap Buurman

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