[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] kernel/generic: (try) fixing MAP-E patch misbehaving in 4.0

Axel Neumann neumann at cgws.de
Fri Feb 9 07:20:53 EST 2018


the 666 kernel patches [1,2,3] break the possibility for using an ip4ip6
tunnel interface as a fall back interface accepting ip4-in-ip6 tunneled
packets from any remote address. This works out of the box with any
normal (non-666-patched) 4.4 (and earlier) kernel and can be configured
by setting up an 'ip -6 tunnel' with type 'any' or 'ip4ip6' and a remote
address of '::'.

The misbehavior comes with line 290 of [3] which discards all packets
that do not show the expected saddr, even if no single fmr rule was
defined and despite the validity of the saddr was already approved earlier.

Attached diff would re-enable this fall back capability without
affecting the behavior in case of any configured FMR rules.

It would be nice if the proposed or a similar fix could be applied asap
because currently I see no way of recovering the standard kernel
behavior which breaks certain desired bmx6 and bmx7 tunneling features.

Best regards


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