[OpenWrt-Devel] Q: procd: re-evaluation of inittab entries

Michael Heimpold mhei at heimpold.de
Tue Dec 4 16:59:51 EST 2018


I'm currently playing with USB gadget stuff. The goal is to run an Ethernet
link and a console over the USB link. I already selected the relevant kernel 
modules and ACM device and RNDIS device is created on the USB host
system - all fine so far.
The ACM device on the USB gadget side is created as /dev/ttyGS0, and
when I use "echo foobar > /dev/ttyGS0" or "cat /dev/ttyGS0" on USB device
side with corresponding counterparts on USB host side, then it already works
like a charme.
My problem is the inittab: I think the right approach is to add an entry to
inittab when I want to provide a login console on this tty, so I added:
at the end of my inittab.
However, during boot ttyGS0 is not yet available - it takes until the
USB gadget is setup. procd skips this line at boot time.

So my question is: is this the correct approach, or should I use a
hotplug script to start such a console?


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