[OpenWrt-Devel] openwrt and lede - remerge proposal

Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at universe-factory.net
Thu May 11 05:03:53 EDT 2017

[Some lists were dropped from this thread, adding again]

>>> According to the rules there shall be no personal mail accounts at all.
>>> There should be plenty of time until the actual remerge to fade them out
>>> and to set up forwarding elsewhere.
>> I hope you agree that a merge means both sides are adopting and need to
>> find some common ground.
>> Some of the rules has to change, and as we've discussed it with John,
>> one might want to send upstream submissions to make OpenWrt show up
>> there like other projects do. You might also want to open a private
>> conversation between the upstream platform / driver maintainer where
>> having a project email address could be useful. Personally I only use my
>> owrt address for FOSS related stuff and as far as I know, most people do
>> the same.

It would be great to have a list of rules that are controversial in your
opinion (or the OpenWrt side in general), or even a proposal for a new set
of rules, so we have something concrete to discuss.

> I do not know what was discussed in detail here but I am strongly
> against personal project email addresses for outgoing communication.
> In my opinion a personal contribution record should stand for itself and
> leveraging *@openwrt.org sender credibility to get stuff accepted which
> would otherwise get rejected leaves a bad taste.
> Doing that would encourage people to try to get part of the project
> solely to take advantage of the added credibility as "door opener". IMHO
> this might cause envy and discontent among the contributor base.
> Personally I would have no problem adding inbound mail redirects for
> those few personal mail accounts that still exist but these redirects
> should merely forward to personal non-project mailboxes.

While I don't see people trying to get into the project just to get a mail
address as a serious threat, I generally agree with the rule not to allow
personal project mail addresses. But I guess this is also the most
controversial point of our rules...


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