[OpenWrt-Devel] [LEDE-DEV] openwrt and lede - remerge proposal

Zoltan HERPAI wigyori at uid0.hu
Mon May 8 15:19:42 EDT 2017


On Mon, 8 May 2017, Daniel Engberg wrote:

> Trac:
> Is it really worth keeping trac at all? What value does it add? Just display 
> a page explaining that it's shutdown and forward to OpenWrt?

There is a lot of "added value" in the tickets submitted throughout the 
years, either as comments, notes, fixes or just the issue being raised, so
it's a good idea to keep it for archiving purposes. Older devices do die, 
but every year or so I come across shops selling brand new WRT54G 
(really), so keeping the knowledge base in an unsorted form (compared to a 
wiki) to the users can be useful. Whether that's a staticized archive or 
running the trac engine itself is another question.

Other than that, I very much welcome the groundwork for the planned merge 
- thanks John, Imre and Felix for putting it together.

Zoltan H
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