[OpenWrt-Devel] BT Home Hub 5A again

Bernie McIntosh bmcintosh at paceprofessional.co.uk
Wed Feb 22 06:28:23 EST 2017



I built the latest Openwrt trunk but don't find menuconfig options for
BTHOMEHUBV5A.   The earlier patches providing support are mostly there but
John Crispin's  commit of 24 Jun 2016
83f7442dccbe6773c62371a62da7fe1ca3104fd2 entitled "lantiq: convert remaining
legacy targets to the new image generation"  has removed the bt.mk file in
the target/lantiq/xrx200/profiles directory.


Now I know that there must be a good reason for that because it relates to
the title of the patch so unlikely to be an error.  It seems that  the only
way I can build a sysupgrade tar for my BT router is to  use the last
revision before John's commit.  


Or do I ?  What exactly was the point of John's  patch ?


I have read that the BT Homehub support is working well in LEDE so that is
always an option, but when you want to know the answer to something, well
you want to know  : - )






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