[OpenWrt-Devel] [OT] Implemented: not an ML erase button but at least a rethink switch

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu May 26 05:29:48 EDT 2016

Hi Daniel,

hope you're doing well nowadays.

I sincerely appreciate your participation in the discussions surrounding
the whole OpenWrt/LEDE topic especially since it helps giving another,
outside perspective to the entire issue.

What I noticed is that you're sometimes generating like 80% of the
traffic in a thread and I wonder if that scares people away from
participating in the discussion...

Personally I wrote longish mails attempting to explain my motivation
more than once but never actually sent those, mainly because I did not
want to let the discussion derail into a he-said-she-said kind of public
dirty laundry washing.

Disagreements with OpenWrt where not always about toxic discussions but
also due to a great passiveness and uneven distribution of work among
the so called core members. Just take a look at the current project
activity and make your own conclusions...

So what am I trying to say... never write a mail in anger and give
things time to cool off :)

What works for me is keeping my drafts in the mail box and reading them
on the next day, which more then once led me to the conclusion that it
was better to not send it in the first place.

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