[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt / LEDE

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 07:52:54 EDT 2016

On 25 May 2016 at 10:09, mbm <mbm at openwrt.org> wrote:
> The hackers email address represents the primary point of contact for
> OpenWrt, particularly in regards to donations. Following the surprise LEDE
> announcement, forwarding rules for @openwrt.org email addresses were
> disabled. This was done to mitigate further damage to OpenWrt due to
> misrepresentation, intentional or otherwise.

Hackers e-mail address (mailing list) was also used for internal
discussions. You not only disabled forwarding rules for @openwrt.org
personal e-mails but also kicked out private e-mails from the hackers
mailing list.
I never really cared about hardware donations offered to hackers, but
knowing what's going on (like release plans) is important for

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